The calm change of Ancelotti


Even without Casemiro, the Italian coach showed with his substitutions in Cornellà that even Kroos and Modric are replaceable when duels fail and muscle strength prevails

Beyond the problem solved at the last minute by Karim Benzema, the eternal guardian angel of Real Madrid, and the permanent imbalance of Vinicius, who, if he can keep his geometric progression, will give glory for many years with his speed, dribbling, assists and goals against the white team, the champion’s long-suffering but deserved victory in Cornellà provided very positive results for Carlo Ancelotti. A veteran, he was a figure as a player in football from another era, but the Italian coach understands perfectly that the current king of the sport is talent, but above all physical, that “energy” that he repeatedly refers to in his performances.

“When the game breaks, we have very fast and powerful players. If you have energy in the field, you will take advantage of it. That’s where we have an advantage.” So simple and yet powerful was Carletto’s summary of the game against Espanyol that started on Sunday and almost ended on Monday. Under his leadership, Madrid has built muscle over the past two years, embodied in defenders like Alaba and Rüdiger and especially long-range midfielders. with the profile of Camavinga and Tchouaméni Although it should be noted that these two young and valuable return media have Congolese and Cameroonian origins respectively, the French power shoots the leader.

Without Casemiro, sold to Manchester United for 70 million plus 15 in variables in an operation that will be yet another big deal from Florentino Perez, Ancelotti continues his roadmap unmoved. With naturalness, without tension, without quarrels and without pouting, he is on his way to become icons like Luka Modric and Toni Kroos at certain moments, when the duels get out of hand.

The Croat and the German represent the quality, the courage and the trade to handle time and space like few others, but without them already on the pitch Real Madrid were able to knock out an ambitious and courageous Espanyol. While the parakeets were suffering from stiff muscles after so much running, boys like Tchouaméni, Vinicius and the newcomers Camavinga and Rodrygo flew.

Carletto was again decisive with his changes. With over an hour of the game ahead of him, he knocked out Modric, overwhelmed by the speed of the game, and brought in Camavinga, key with his ‘box to box’ starts. And 11 minutes before the end plus discount, an exhausted Duckweed was out and Ceballos was in, justifying himself and showing that he can and should have more fame than last year.

In his 90 minutes, plus ten extra time, Tchouaméni finished once, made 69 successful passes, missed four, got a foul and made five. And in 32 minutes, Camavinga also had one shot, 13 good passes, two fouls and one foul. Cold numbers aside, both of these make Madrid a vertical team, with almost Premier League records.

Without Casemiro, the Whites lose order and positional defence, but with his replacement they gain in dynamism, versatility, attacking play and speed. “You have to take advantage of Tchouaméni’s forward moves,” Ancelotti insists, knowing that Kroos and Modric now have to act almost more like squires for the Frenchman than as whores on the attack. After taking the Super Cup with ease against Eintracht and winning successively at Almería, Balaídos and Cornellá, Madrid set a devilish pace and look set to win many games in the final minutes.

If the second part of Tchouaméni in Vigo was already excellent when it came to winning duels and enjoying transitions, against Espanyol he presented a repertoire of his virtues in society. He was very loose with the ball, nimble when it came to changing the game, very good in control, with attacking height and powerful in stopping the rivals’ counterattacks. It takes up a lot of space and as soon as it gets the chance it moves forward without being able to stop.

Camavinga killed his opponents with very long and fast drives and Rodrygo, another great coaching success coming up for Valverde in the mid-air game, was again decisive from the bench with that brilliant pass to Benzema for the second goal. No contender in the major leagues, except Real Madrid, has started with a full win.

Source: La Verdad


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