0-1: Uruguay are down and Araujo is playing just 30 seconds


Unbelievable!! Just 30 seconds on the field and Ronald Araujo It was out of feeling, due to an injury to the adductor muscle of the right leg. The health of the sky-blue team has not officially notified the extent of the injury.

the celestial of diego alonso lost the unbeaten record he held with the coach in charge, falling 1-0 to Iranin a game played 80 kilometers from Vienna. Conquest of the scorer Taremishortly after the end, after a good offensive combination.

central Araujo

Ronald Araujo He started as a central defender, unlike the first games with diego alonso as Uruguay’s DT, where he occupied the right wing of the defense.

But the accumulation of absences due to blue sky injury, Diego Godin, Josema Gimenez, and Sebastian Coatesthe Uruguayan coach tends to put Araujo in its original position, next to the debutante Sebastian Caceresfrom the Americas of Mexico.

The conformation of the defense is designed in a World Cup key, which Uruguay will debut against South Korea on November 24. The presence of Diego Godin is seriously compromised, and Araujo He could be a good option to play as a starting center back.

But it only lasted 30 seconds on the field, forcing another rookie to step in, Augustine Roger.

Uruguay, rule without a goal

diego alonso opted for line 4, with Matthias’ neighbor as a center in midfield, to be free Faith Valverde on the right and Rodrigo Bentancur for lefty Above, wide open to right Facundo Pellistrithrough the middle Luis SuarezY Darwin covering the left side.

The versatility of Bentancur in the middle, the danger of Darwin above, and the inevitable Valverde Y Suarez they directed the course of the match towards the Iranian goal. Uruguay dominated, but did not define. had his chance Suarezhad it Darwintoo Valverde, but without success. The first half ended with 0-0.

After restarting, the DT Alonso variants were tested. a super shake Nico de la Cruz of river Argentinian, gave air to the celestial offensive, and eventually, entered as well Giorgian De Arrascaetaof flamingos of Brazil.

But the goal is Iranian. the scorer Taremi he pointed out in front of goalkeeper Rochet. Uruguay will play again on the FIFA date next Tuesday against Canada in Czech Republic.

Source: La Verdad


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