Nadal: “When you fire someone you care about, it’s hard not to be emotional”


Rafael Nadal happened this Wednesday night through the microphones of ‘The Big Game’ by Cadena Cope to analyze the emotions he experienced this weekend at the Laver Cup at the departure of his partner, rival and friend Roger Federer.

“I am a sensitive person, When you see someone you care about say goodbye, it’s hard not to get emotional. A bit out of touch”, said Nadal about his tears at the Swiss farewell, which has gone around the world. In fact, one of the images of the season is that of Roger and Rafa crying, holding hands.” I never saw that picture. I didn’t grow up on social networks, I look at them from time to time. I don’t live all day on social networksNadal said.

The Balearic was clear when asked if, during Federer’s farewell, he thought at some point of himself. “No, zero. I knew that moment would come in X or X and a little more. At 36 and a half years old, we know we are in the final stages of my career, but I don’t consider it“, warning.

Nadal also explained how his relationship with the Swiss is. “It was a relationship that was good from the beginning and grew stronger over the years. Normal people can somehow appreciate a rival, as long as the rival is a good person,” he explained. “Our way of looking at the world and the rivalry itself means that our personal relationships tend to be more important than professional. We understand each other, we have different opinions in some cases as logical. A bond of friendship is formed that will last forever“, he counted, satisfied. Balearic recognized that the relationship between the two improved and strengthened as they shared experiences together.

Yes, both of them have lived many matches on the track and it is clear to Nadal which has been the most important, both for him and for Roger. “Wimbledon 2008 was the most important and Australia 2017 was the second most importantbecause after being injured for a while we returned to the post in a good place”, he pointed out.

Rafa also shared an anecdote about another key moment in his career, his loss to the Swiss in the 2007 Hamburg final, which ended his incredible run of 81 consecutive wins on clay. The detail explains how the relationship between the two is always. “After the game… It was a record that was important to me, 81 games in a row winning on clay,” said Nadal. “I finished the match, he beat me and before going to the press conference, I arrived later, I saw him taking a bath and I asked him for the t-shirt he won to keep as a souvenirRafa explained.

Nadal also explained how he experienced Roland Garros 2009, where he was eliminated in the round of 16 by Robin Soderling and Federer had the best chance of his career to succeed in Paris. He took advantage of it. “At that time I did not want Federer to win the final because I had a chance to be number 1. But I am a person who loves sports and someone who has come this close so many times deserves to win and complete the big fourNadal said. “Seeing someone like Federer win, who I admire so much, makes me feel and cry”Nadal said. Rafa also opened the door for an exhibition against the Swiss at the Bernabéu in the future, but revealed that so far no one has spoken to him about it.

Source: La Verdad


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