Francisco: “The rest has been good for us and it was almost necessary”


Francisco: “The rest has been good for us and it was almost necessary”

The coach of Elche, Francis Rodriguezassured this Friday, in a press conference, that the break in the competition for national team commitments has been good for him and it is necessary for his team to step up its game after a bad start in the League where it just added. one point out of 18.

The coach said that during this break, the players and the coach looked each other in the face “but not to blame us for anything because the responsibility lies with everyone”. “We have to move forward in the situation with humility and ambition”, added the Andalusian, remembering that Elche is “one victory away” from permanent positions.

The coach hopes that a different Elche will be seen from the next game, when Rayo face Vallecas, although he specified that they will visit a “difficult field and against a very good opponent”.

“I thought more about how we are ourselves than the rival. They will not change. This is a very brave team that has been playing together for many years. I know all their players from pretty much facing us. He is a vertical rival, aggressive and sometimes overcomes you because of the verticality”, argued the Almerian.

Francisco announced that he would not conduct any more trialssince he can remember he has changed the line-up in every game in search of a balance he never found.

“The players know what we’re going to do and we’re going to be full,” said the coach, downplaying the fact that he won’t be able to sit on the bench because of the suspension, while recalling that he’s worked with his coaching staff for a long time and knows that they know what they need to do.

Francisco guarantees that the team is now “convinced”. what he should do and he did not hide that until now “Elche has not competed at the level we all want”.

“I think the team is ready now and knows what they are going to do. I hope it shows”, commented the coach, who said he felt the confidence of the club’s owner, the Argentine Christian Bragarnik, although he pointed out that he knows that “in football we rely on results”.

The coach, finally, said that the Argentine Faith Fernandez he was ready to make his debut after arriving a bit out of form due to inactivity and ensured that Lucas Boyé, great offensive reference of the team that has not yet scored, “better than when I arrived, he knows the moment we are in and wants to help”.

Source: La Verdad


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