The MotoGP World Championship gives justice to the rider who was attacked by a mechanic


The motorcycle world championship did justice after three years to the British Newport native Tom Booth-Amos, a young driver who was physically assaulted by one of his team’s mechanics and just broadcasting a few days ago a video on a social network, the scandal was “discovered” that ended in the dismissal at the end of the current season of the aforementioned coach, who will not be able to work again in the world championship.

In the video images, it can be seen how a mechanic and a pilot started a conversation after a practice session of the 2019 Thai Grand Prix ended. which leads to a slap from the mechanic on the pilot’s case and the subsequent “kick in the butt” as they walk towards the interior of the workshop, where audible screams worsen the situation.

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An action that was never denounced by the victim, who “swore” that he would not make the attack public, but “someone” did it for him.

The point is, in all logic, the organization of the championship and the sports establishments involved in it, after seeing such cruel images, cannot let this situation pass as if nothing happened and decided to take action on the matter by issuing a joint statement of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM), the International Association of Teams (IRTA, for its acronym in English), and the organizing company of the championship, the Spanish company Dorna.

In the aforementioned note, the signatory entities acknowledge that “the video of this incident has been widely shared on social networks and the actions of the member of the group in question have caused immediate and serious concern. The FIM, IRTA and Dorna Sports strongly condemn this behaviour.“.

After conducting relevant investigations, it was found that the aforementioned mechanic who attacked Tom Booth-Amos in 2019 continues to work in the World Cup with another team who is unaware of the situation.although due to the ironies of life this team was also involved in an incident at the Motorland Aragón Grand Prix, when two of its technicians “annoyed” a driver just as he was about to leave the track to he cannot follow his own pilot’s wheel.

This action eventually led to a scuffle between people close to the pilot’s environment and ended the Civil Guard action and opening proceedings when a medical report for the injuries was presented.

In both cases and in the other, those involved in the incidents were sanctioned by Dorna and fired from their teamconsidering that they seriously tarnish its image and it goes against the spirit of competition.

The FIM, together with IRTA and Dorna Sports, considers this the right decision, fully supports and defends the action taken by the team to terminate this man’s contract, because “abusive behavior should not and will not be tolerated . All parties will continue to make the MotoGP Paddock the safest possible working environment.”

Source: La Verdad


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