Spain now knows its rivals heading into Euro-2024


The Spanish team will now face its rivals in the qualifying phase for the 2024 European Championship in Germany in the draw to be held from 12:00 pm (Teledeporte) at the Frankfurt Festhalle.

La Roja, directed by Luis Enrique Martínez, will be included in a group of five teams with the Netherlands, Croatia and Italy, the others qualified for the Final Four of the Nations League, so that they can participate in it in June 2023.

With the draw, 53 teams will enter the match, which will be divided into seven groups of five and three groups of six. Germany, officially classified for the final stage of Euro-2024 as host, and Russia, suspended after the invasion of Ukraine, will not be part of the seven pots configured by UEFA based on the results in the Nations League .

In the UNL pot (UEFA Nations League) are Spain, Netherlands, Croatia and Italy. In 1 the remaining leaders of the series will appear: Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland and Poland. At number 2, France and England are included, so they can be paired with another European power

Source: La Verdad


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