Lisa: "We needed this sentence and the next time they scored a goal for us"


alessio liscicoach ng I liftedsaid that the game developed by his team despite the defeat against Barca strengthens them for next weekend in Granada.

“We are in a good moment. The numbers prove it. Embarrassing. It reminded me a lot against Valencia. You have it to sentence him and the next time they score a goal. This is the way. It has to be good for us to see that things are good and we will fight until the end “, added the Italian coach, who confirmed that I lifted He already has enough games where he is at a good level and, although tonight they will have “fucked up” time, starting tomorrow will be in their best to get back to work.

“We’re on our way and we can’t stop to look at the table. We have to go to Granada to win and, if possible, have a little bit of luck than now”, he continued. Alessiowhich asserted that the I lifted have “a lot of games with very good numbers” and they should “come out very strong” after competing against a superior team like Barca.

Source: La Verdad


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