Schedule and where to watch the MotoGP Malaysian Grand Prix on TV


is debating the 2022 Malaysian Grand Prix motorcycling, which is the nineteenth test of world. In MotoGPthe weather is hot. Fabio Quartararocurrent champion, lost the lead to F. Bagnaia, so in these final races it will be decided by details. bagnaia added 233 points, for 219 of Quartararo.

In the situation of two, stand up Aleix Espargaro with 201 points, while Enea Bastianini added 191 to his credit. Another good news of the season is the return of Marc Márquez. The Spaniard has had an amazing career in the past Australian Grand Prix, where he was second. The one from Cervera added 104 in a season where he barely got a run.

Now the World Cup is coming Sepang International Circuitwhich will take place this weekend between October 21 and 23. In the lower categories, bicycle 2 the leadership is from asian Ai Ogura with 242 points, with a slim advantage August Fernandez, which adds up to 238.5 points, so the title will be decided by details.

In Moto3the first place is for Spanish It’s Guevara, which is already champion in the category. It’s just that Guevara was the only one who got the title, so Moto2 and MotoGP they have a lot to fight for in the final races of this season.

When will the Malaysian Grand Prix be held?

Friday October 21:

3:00 am: FP1 Moto3

3.55 hours: FP1 Moto2

4:50 am: FP1 MotoGP

7:15 am FP2 Moto3

8.10am: FP2 Moto2

9.05am: FP2 MotoGP

Saturday October 22:

3.00 am: FP3 Moto3

3.55 hours: FP3 Moto2

4:50 am: FP3 MotoGP

6.35am: Q1 Moto3

7:00 am: Q2 Moto3

7:30 am: Q1 Moto2

7:55 am: Q2 Moto2

8.25 am: FP4 MotoGP

9.05 am: Q1 MotoGP

9.30 am: Q2 MotoGP

Sunday October 23:

4:00 am: Warm Up Moto3

4:20 am: Warm Up Moto2

4:40 am: Warm Up MotoGP

6:00 am: Moto3 Race

7.20 am: Moto2 Race

9.00 am: MotoGP Race

Where can the MotoGP Malaysian Grand Prix be watched?

The 2022 MotoGP Malaysian Grand Prix seen in Spain by DAZN platform. In the merger of DAZN and Movistar Plus, subscribed to Movistar Plus can watch channels DAZN. You can follow all the information about the race live on the Mundo Deportivo website.

Enjoy this race streaming on DAZN Activate your account!

Source: La Verdad


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