The judge closes the stick derby case without acknowledging the author of the pitch


A trial court of Seville filed a lawsuit that was opened after the incidents that caused the suspension on January 15 of the derby between Legs and the Seville equal to the round of 16 of Copa del Rey after a stick fell from the stands hitting the sevillista player on the head John Jordan. According to judicial sources, the dismissal of the case was due to the fact that “it was not possible to identify” through the images provided by Police the author of throwing an object on the field, consisting of a plastic stick, a broken flagpole.

However, one person was arrested in connection with these incidents. The Information Brigade of National Police in Sevillewhich is in charge of the control and monitoring of ultra groups of the city, arrested a 29-year-old young man, who was initially charged with crimes of public disorder and injuries, due in principle to the medical report provided by club sevillista pointed out that the player suffered a head injury.

The Police checked the cameras of the central operational unit of the stadium from the first time the attack took place, which served to identify and locate the fan who threw the stick on the field. However, this police identification of the alleged perpetrator was not enough to identify him in the legal case as the person responsible for the events, which led to the court’s decision to temporarily dismiss the investigation.

In any case, the incident caused clear damage to Betis, because the judge of Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) competition punished the Legs in closing two games of Benito Villamarín. However, the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) upheld the appeal filed by Legs and the stadium will not be finally closed, either partially or completely, the heliopolitan club will have to pay a fine of 36,000 euros.

Source: La Verdad


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