Bellerin: “Football is not black and white, things done well take time”


Hector Bellerin He is a different footballer, one worth listening to, as he showed in an extensive interview on ‘El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio’ with Laura Rosel. The Barcelona defender admitted that the team was “disappointed” after the farewell to Champions League.

“We were very excited about this competition. We had a very difficult group and it was a set of circumstances that meant we couldn’t leave the group. At least we closed the stage with victory and with a bitter taste. We’re doing very well in the League”, he recalled.

Despite this, he emphasized that “all competitions are insurmountable. It’s a responsibility to play for Barça”. Y Bellerin showed his support for Xavi. “Football is not black and white. There are many conditioning factors that can affect it. This is a new team, with new people, many injuries. These teams take time. Klopp and Guardiola did not win in their first season. Things well done take time”, recalled Bellerinwho added: “Xavi is clear on what he wants from the players. Little by little we will do it.”

The blaugrana youth squad is very happy to have signed for the culé first team despite the fact that his adaptation has not been easy due to the way everything has turned out. “It’s a dream I’ve always had. The reality of coming to the last day of the market, without doing the preseason is always more difficult to get in. And then with the injury. It became the third 90 minutes I wanted to play in the whole season. I’m happy with how everything is going and I hope to move forward”.

Bellerin He signed a one-year contract. “Returning to Barça was very important. I had opportunities and this was the year I didn’t expect. It was good,” he admitted. The Barcelona defender doesn’t know how long it will last. “We are waiting to see how everything goes, it does not depend on my renewing, but here I am very happy.”

In his interview, Hector Bellerin He also reviewed his time at Arsenal, where he came from Barcelona with only 16 years. “Life gives you opportunities. I felt it. It was an impulsive decision and I want to live things as I feel. I’m happy where this way of life has taken me. Always weighing a risks and benefits. I felt that my career developed better at Arsenal”, sentenced.

Source: La Verdad


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