Official: Qatar to ban alcohol in stadiums


Qatar will ask for FIFA to stop selling beer in stadiums, which would create a major financial problem for one of the main sponsors, the Budweiser beer brand.

According to the British newspaper ‘The Times’, Qatar, at the behest of the royal family, is forcing FIFA to stop selling beers in stadiums, one of the few places where alcohol can be consumed during the tournament with ‘fan zone’. And the pressure had an effect: FIFA made the ban official.

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This would put the highest body in world soccer in a compromise with Budweiser, the main sponsor of the event, which could seek multimillion-dollar compensation from the tournament, by not receiving the necessary visibility and not selling its products in stadiums.

Qatar is a country where the consumption of alcohol is highly restricted and it can hardly be consumed in some hotels in Doha. During the World Cup this regulation was relaxed, but it is still not possible to buy alcohol in supermarkets, in addition to its high price, with a liter of beer more than 13 euros.

To cope with the tournament, “happy hours” were enabled in hotels, ‘fan zones’ and stadiums and the sale of alcohol was allowed, although with restrictions, so that people could not buy more than two beers at the same time .time.

According to the aforementioned source, fans will likely be warned before the opening match, the Qatar-Ecuador match, that they cannot drink beer.

Source: La Verdad


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