“Rarely wear on the street, school, bank… a shirt that isn’t red”


“Rarely wear on the street, school, bank… a shirt that isn’t red”

It is more than a quarter of a century edward lanaspaa 51-year-old from Zaragoza, left his hometown to, after studying in School of Tourism and the well-known hotel chain is close by Barcelonareaching Costa Rica. He began his professional career as a receptionist and ended up as the general manager of some of the most prestigious hotels in the country, such as corner of the valleyThe PoppyThe Royal Palm, House of Turire either The Countess. He currently manages the Hotel Boutique Jade – Jurgen’s Restaurantin addition to Anjali’s housea private luxury villa in the famous Manuel Antonio National Park. He is also the founder of Peña Zaragocista Scorpion. With his Costa Rican wife, Maureen ChinchillaAnd your daughter Aitanacount on World of sports from Spanish Country Club of Costa Rica how live the moments before the meeting of the two teams in that country.

“You live a lot. The country is paralyzed, the streets are empty… In schools, banks, public and private institutions… everyone is wearing a shirt of Costa Rica. It doesn’t just happen during world, but also in previous qualifying rounds. It’s even weirder if you go with a blue shirt, for example, instead of the red one,” he explained.

Eduardo remember the visit Selection from over ten years ago. “When Spain He was the World Wine Champion in 2011 and Costa Rica started winning 2-0. Spain tied almost at the end of a miracle. They fought us, they sang us ‘oles’… I had a bad time at the stadium. But it was a healthy pique, a rivalry without malice”. It was a meeting in which he said that “he Manolo the Bombo. He won people over.”

It’s precisely the images of that clash that form part of a quirky and fun spot announcing Wednesday’s game. “The people are right, friendly. They really like, as they say here, doubt. But they are educated. They do the football pique with courtesy, like the Andalusians in the Seville derby. Obviously, they mock a little me. , but with grace and respect,” he said.

Fun party announcement in Costa Rica


The ‘slip’ of Luis Enrique Calling Costa Rican a South American country is also a topic of conversation. “People here are very itchy about being a South American country, like when they were called Costa Ricans instead of Costa Ricans. That’s where they show their pride. Luis Enrique his reaction was very good. He apologized. He even vacationed here. In the end it remained an anecdote and he won many points, uniting the fans as a result of his apology”, he commented.

One of the meeting places of the Spaniards in Costa Rica is he Spanish Country Club. “It has restaurants with a Spanish menu. You have to be a member, but it’s open to anyone who wants to come. It’s also House Spainwhich is in San Jose, the capital. The Country It’s further away, in the pool area. During the weekend of the match it fills up.” And he added that “there is a large Spanish community, almost a second generation. In the bad times of Spain, to call it anyway, there was a lot of emigration at all levels. There were about 5,000 or 6,000 of us. Let’s be together when we can. For example, October 12 is the embassy holiday in Palace of San Jose of Barcelona. The ambassador was there, the consul… We Aragonese came together the pillar, San Lorenzo, Saint George… With the Valencians, in a restaurant called ‘The month of Valencia’ and recently was on Catalan house, as it is their 25th anniversary. In House Spain This is where most people go to watch the games. By proximity. In the middle.”

Finally, his assessment of Spain’s options cannot be lost. “We are looking forward to it, as always, and more before we start. The group is strong, but it will be removed. It is a world outliers with outlier conditions, making some things a lottery. With that mix of youth that Luis Enrique has together, who seems to be a great coach, I hope he comes out. In Costa Rica they see us as the seventh or eighth favorite, but if the pieces fit together and we go with humility, I think we can ring the bell again.”

Source: La Verdad


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