93,000 euros in the royalist coffer for Kubo


True fans and coaches can now calmly follow the rest of the World Cup as there are no more representatives left. This means the club will no longer be able to raise money for certain ‘ambassadors’ in Qatar. Matty Ryan He ‘gave’ 87,000 euros to the txuri urdin coffers for his stay in the planetary event and that number increased to 93,000 for the tournament of Take Kubo including Japan.

No, this is not a profitable World Cup for Real, who, at least, should not regret receiving players injured or demoralized by what happened in Qatar. For each day of hut -and also of Ryan– In the World Cup, activating the counter two weeks before the opening game and stopping it on Monday, the day Japan was eliminated against Croatia, Real is entitled to 3,200 euros. This is a third of what FIFA gives every day to the clubs for each football player, but the thing is that the last three seasons (the current one and the two previous ones) are counted and in only one of them he played hut in the Gipuzkoan squad, the current (Ryanlate).

Property hut There was also no gold for his tournament in this World Cup. He pocketed 71,000 euros from the Japan Federation, 14,000 for each of the two wins and another 43,000 for passing the group stage. That defeat in the penalty shootout left them without the 57,000 euros prize for access to the round of 16 and, of course, without the final prize of 350,000 euros if they win the World Cup.

Source: La Verdad


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