Duplantis: “I feel hungry and I feel like I can jump higher”


Swedish pole vaulter Armand Duplantis, voted as the best athlete of the year by World Athletics and world record holder with 6.21 meters, revealed that, despite the successes achieved this season, he continues to feel “hungry” for next season and has a feeling that “he can jump higher”.

Duplantis broke the pole vault world record three times this year, a modality in which he won world titles both outdoors and indoors, winning 18 of his 19 competitions and jumping six meters or more 23 times.

The Swede, who just turned 23, is the pole vaulter who has cleared more than six meters the most times.

“I’m still young and I’m jumping very well. I’m thankful for what I’ve done and I know it’s been a great few years for me but I still feel that hunger and I feel like there’s more to do. I feel like I can jump more higher,” he said. Duplantis, speaking to World Athletics.

Duplantis began the season by going undefeated in indoor track, where she set a world record of 6.20 meters at the World Indoor Championships, surpassing the previous international record, which she also owns, by one centimeter.

The circuit of the Diamond League won it with a better jump of 6.16 in Stockholm, the highest in the history of the open-air competition, but five centimeters shorter than the one he would achieve at the World Cups in Oregon, where he set of record. at 6.21.

Less than a month later, he defended his European title in Munich with a championship record of 6.06 in a competition in which he did not record anything.

“From the beginning, when I started pole vaulting, I never really competed with anyone but myself. I set myself goals based on what I thought I could do,” Duplantis confessed, adding that “sometimes there are things you cannot explain.”

“I imagine the time when I was young and now I see myself on the biggest stage, which will be the World Cup, and you go for the world record and you break the record and do something that no one has ever done. It’s those moments that are make a dream come true”, he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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