Ninth package of measures – EU wants to impose sanctions on Russian army


The European Commission proposed a ninth package of sanctions against Russia on Wednesday. Because of the war in Ukraine, the European Union wants to impose sanctions on the Russian army and three other Russian banks. This is what Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, suggested to the Member States in Brussels (see video above).

According to her, nearly 200 other institutions and those responsible will be denied access to Europe. This includes “key figures in Russia’s ruthless and targeted missile attacks against civilians and in the abduction of Ukrainian children to Russia,” von der Leyen said.

Trade restrictions on electronics and nerve gas
According to her, the ninth EU sanctions package also provides for further trade restrictions on goods that can be used for civilian and military purposes, including key chemicals, nerve agents, electronics and IT components. The EU also wants to ban the export of drone parts to Russia and Iran. The new sanctions require a unanimous decision by member states.

In addition, four news organizations that spread propaganda must be taken offline, according to the head of the committee. In addition, von der Leyen called for economic measures against the Russian energy and mining sector.

“Russia continues to bring death and devastation to Ukraine,” von der Leyen wrote on Twitter on Wednesday (see tweet below). “We stand with Ukraine and make Russia pay for its atrocities.” The eight sanctions packages introduced by the EU have already had a clear effect, von der Leyen said.

Approval from Austria and Italy
The ninth sanctions package was welcomed by Austria and Italy. “The European decision is our decision,” said Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani on Wednesday evening after a meeting with his Austrian counterpart Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) in Vienna.

“We agree with the sanctions package, but I keep saying that we have to pay attention to proportionality,” explains Schallenberg. “We want the sanctions to hit Russia and not our economy.” It is “a good sign” that the current decision was made without public disagreement between the states, he added.

Source: Krone


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