Hugo Lloris: “We have a particular rivalry with England”


the captain of France, Hugo Llorisis the player of France who knows Englandwhere he played for nine years and where his last two children were born, but he acknowledges there is “a certain rivalry” between the two great nations.

“The rivalry exists in football and in other sports, like football. When there is competition, there are battles and an event like this, by force, has a particular flavor,” said the Tottenham goalkeeper, who will be the French with the most international parties.

But cry He said that they are preparing for the quarterfinal duel this Saturday trying to get away from the rival, because when you face the pass in the semifinals there is no reason but to face it “at a high level”.

The goalkeeper smiled that the English press had designated him as the weakest link in the French team and, true to his character, chose not to answer. “The answer should be on the field, not in the press room. But I think I am no longer motivated by this pique, at this point you no longer need any external source of motivation,” he answered.

He also believes that he is outside of everything that his partner says kylian mbappe, designated by many as the star of the team. “Kylian is in the game, in his participation, he abstracts himself from what is said about him, he doesn’t need it. He has precise, individual and team objectives. I see him calm, smiling, focused on the game waiting. in us, as it has been doing since the beginning of the competition”, confirm.

cry He praised England, “a mature team that reached the semi-finals four years ago and at the last Euro Cup had no luck in the final” but that “have the quality to come here to win the trophy”.

For the goalkeeper it will be a special moment when measuring himself against his teammate and friend Harry Kane. “We have a very good relationship, we know each other well on and off the pitch, I can only say good things about him. He is someone important in the club and in the national team, a leader, an example for his teammates. He is a ‘top’ player”, decisive at the club and who is used to making differences. Like all those who jump on Saturday, he wants to help his country develop. But as the game goes on, we will become opponents,” he said.

The French goalkeeper acknowledged that they worked on penalties, although he knew that in this situation, which could be decisive, “there is always some instinct”. “We will try to win in regulation time,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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