"Even the coach told me you weren’t on your own"


“The pain is slowly going down. I’ve been laying on the stretcher and in the gym for quite some time. The coach told me that he sees me getting better, but inside I notice that I still have some left. One hundred percent. I’m glad because when they come to you pubic pains you see everything negative and now I see the sun again ”.

Dani García has not had a good time in recent weeks due to his pubic problems. The ‘rojiblanco’ midfielder played in the second leg of the Cup semi-final against Valencia at Mestalla on March 3 and less than a minute until last Saturday at Villarreal. One from Zumarraga did not think, so far, of the possibility of going through the operating room, as he acknowledged in front of the microphones of Cope Bilbao.

“While in Eibar, I had the pain I have now for six months and I played. It didn’t stop me like it happened a month ago. I corrected that pubic pain, the next year I didn’t have any. pain and the next year it came back and I corrected it without going through the operating room.Since January I have seen that I am starting to get sick and I endured as much as possible until a moment came when I could no longer , “he argued.

The Athletic footballer revealed in this interview with Cope Bilbao that “even though the coach told me that‘ Dani, you are no longer on your own, the only thing you do is perform less than your performance when you give us of a performance.The choice we saw was stopping to get back to how it was before.The truth is I am happy because there are chances that you see everything dark and right now, without going through the operating room and with the help of clubs, outside physios and retrainers, I’ve solved it. “

Dani García admitted that “I have enjoyed this season a lot until my body said enough. The coach himself recommended that I quit because I could no longer. I have left my life on the pitch, but you have to know how to see the reality. It’s tiring to stop playing when the team is better and more have played “.

Regarding the level given so far this season, the Athletic midfielder indicated that “since the preseason I have had a clear idea of ​​achieving the position because last year the coach often rotated my position. Every week saw I have an improved version of myself and is reflective on the pitch.We know individually that I will not solve games for you, but the fact that the team is playing good games and a good season makes me a better player. We’re together. Not just on an individual level can you say I’ve done a good season, but for the team “.

Source: La Verdad


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