Meeting of the social commission to discuss the issue of the shield


This Wednesday, January 11, a new meeting of the social commission of Atletico Madrid where the most important thing to deal with is the possible return of the rojiblanco club shield until 2017, when the entity decided to change it to the current one, something that was announced a few months before, in 2016.

The date was set after the Atlético Front, an ultra group belonging to the animation stands, left it due to their dissatisfaction with the way the club was proceeding with this issue, considering that the board did not want to address the this thing where they have been. fought for five years.

Hence, a meeting has been set for this Wednesday where this issue will be discussed. The idea is that a referendum will be put to the vote of the social commission to all the members of Atlético de Madrid to decide on the shield. In principle, the CEO and highest shareholder of the club will attend the meeting, Miguel Angel Gil.

It should be remembered that the social commission was created in July 2022 with the aim of holding regular meetings with the entity to discuss aspects related to the identity, history and symbols of Atlético de Madrid. And it consists of ten that represent the different sensibilities of the fans. Namely: a member of the Senate, a representative of the International Union of Supporters Clubs, a member of the largest supporters club in the Community of Madrid (Peña Atlética Remedios de Colmenar Viejo), a representative of the supporters club with the most followers from outside Madrid (Peña Atlética Soriana), a member of Los 50 association, a member of Atleti volunteers, a member of the entertainment stand, a disabled member, a VIP subscriber and a shareholder of the club.

Since the club unilaterally decided to change the shield, doing it at the same time as the transfer to the Metropolitan, there is an existing gap in the social mass of Atlético and part of the fans have been fighting for the return of the shield ever since.

Source: La Verdad


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