Chaotic Conditions – The Kremlin is modernizing its soldier recruitment


The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced plans to modernize the military commissariats. They are responsible for summoning soldiers. According to the Kremlin, a second wave of mobilization is not planned.

This was in response to rumors among the Russian population that the political leadership was already preparing a new mobilization. The Ukrainian secret service also assumes this. In order to send more soldiers to the front in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin called up some 300,000 reservists last fall. At that time, the drafters were responsible for implementing the government decree. Chaotic conditions were repeatedly described.

Update databases, improve collaboration
According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, this must come to an end in the future. He announced on Tuesday that databases will be updated and cooperation between local and regional authorities will be improved.

Heavy losses on both sides
In addition, combat drones and fighter jets need to be improved. Further development is also planned for the so-called nuclear triad, which will include ICBMs on land, aircraft carriers and submarines with ICBMs. The “nuclear shield” is “the most important guarantor of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state,” Shoigu said.

As reported, Russian forces stepped up their assault on the eastern Ukrainian city of Soledar on Tuesday. This is just a few kilometers away from the strategically important city of Bakhmut. There, Russian and Ukrainian troops engaged in fierce fighting, with many casualties on both sides, according to the British Ministry of Defence.

Source: Krone


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