Fernando apologizes to the public


Fernando apologizes to the public

The midfielder of Seville Fernando Reges he was kicked out of the match Osasuna while he was on the bench at the moment he was substituted and the report of the referee Pulido Santana included a serious insult to the arbitration trio that could have serious consequences in the form of a penalty.

According to the minutes, the Brazilian called the referee “son of a bitch” and for this reason, with the need for Sampaoli’s team to be on defense, they are unlikely to play for two days.

Therefore, Fernando apologized to Pulido Santana and the Sevilla fans for losing his temper.

Yesterday I was sent off with a straight red card for the first time since I played for Sevilla. I was wrong. Victim of nerves and the tension of the moment. But even the helplessness I felt justified my behavior. I would like to apologize to the referee Juan Luis Pulido Santana and the other members of his team for my inappropriate words, which in no way represent the great respect I have for the arbitration group, as well as the important and complex work they do. in every game. I also want to apologize to my teammates, the coaching staff, the club, all the fans and especially all the people who have been an example to me. Forgive me. Everyone can be wrong and without a doubt this Sunday I was wrong. It is not the image that should be given on a football field. I accept my mistake and I can only say that I’m sorry and that my commitment is a little bigger today in Sevilla than yesterday. So I will try to prove it”, commented the player through his Instagram account.

Fernando faces a harsh punishment, as the record includes serious insults hurled at the referee and also his repetition of this behaviour.

Source: La Verdad


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