There is no expected meeting between Laporta and Leo Messi


Joan Laporta accompanied again Alexia Putellas on a new big night for the Barça captain. To the president of Barça, who led the club’s expedition to Paris, completed by the sports vice president, Rafael Yuste the vice president of the institution, Elena Fortand the director of women’s football, Xavi Puig, seemed happy and even excited when the player collected the award.

Many eyes are focused on the leader of Barça and the possibility of a short meeting with him taking place. Leo Messi after his meeting with his father, Jorge Messi, days ago in Barcelona, ​​​​​​where they tried to normalize the relationship and discussed a future recognition from Barcelona to the best football player in the history of the club and also of football. But this cannot happen.

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The ‘timing’ of the gala, with everything studied and scheduled down to the smallest detail, precluded a before-and-after strategy. And that they are not far from luxuriesto Pleyel Room from Paris. reportsitting in the front row and Leo, on your left, in the seats for the leading players. At the end of the awards, the entourage of boat He immediately returned to Barcelona and quickly headed to the airport. Club sources confirmed they were unable to match

Source: La Verdad


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