Ceballos has lost steam and his future is unclear


The participation of Daniel Ceballos right now in 2023 it’s a roller coaster. It started soft, then peaked between mid-January and early February and gradually faded to the point that, in the last three games, in March, he played just 42 minutes out of a possible 270.

It is clear that it has not stopped being important for ancelotti but he was untouchable as he seemed to be during the period in which the Bernabeuin love with his football, shouted to him “Ceballos, stay” and discussed the site with players like Modric or Kroos.

And it is the future of the player, whose contract expires on June 30, depends a lot on how important his participation is in these months. For this reason, he always tries to help the team when he plays and in these last games he has not been able to.

A renewal that never comes

And while time is running out for an intermittent Ceballos, his contract renewal is not forthcoming. It is true that the placement looks good but the real Madrid He is still waiting for events, especially considering that the players want Modric either Cross they also have a future to clarify.

So things, ceballos continues to work on the dream, not so far away, to return to the Spanish team of louis de la fuente with whom he has worked with many during his time with the Under-21s.

Source: La Verdad


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