Chelsea are considering demolishing Stamford Bridge


He Chelsea He has been thinking for a long time how to increase the capacity of Stamford Bridge. The ‘blues’ stadium allows the attendance of around 41,000 fans, while its direct competitors have places with a higher capacity and, therefore, higher profits than the ‘blues’.

The new estate is considering several options, including the demolition of the current Stamford Bridge to build a new one state of the art stadium in the same location. According to the Daily Mail, this possibility is on the table despite the huge inconvenience it brings.

The first is the price. Removing the existing ‘blue’ wall and erecting a new one would cost more 2 billion poundsHowever, Todd Boehly does not see that number as a deterrent after buying the club for £4.25 billion last year.

Building a new enclosure will have some challenges ahead. The train and subway lines that passes around it conditions the project, as well as the underground river and the adjacent cemetery, which can lead to the rotation of the pitch 90 degrees.

But undoubtedly the biggest handicap is having to play in another stadium for at least four years. He Chelsea can move to the countryside fulham for four seasons. This stadium is very close to the current location of Stamford Bridgewhich will be a great facility, but the capacity of Craven Cottage (26,000 spectators) will condition the movement.

For matches of category A, as in Champions or against the greats of PremierChelsea can play Wembley oh twickenhamfields away from the city center.

Source: La Verdad


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