Carlo Ancelotti proved himself


Carlo Ancelotti addressed the media in the Valdebebas press room to talk about the duel tomorrow, Wednesday, against Chelsea at the Bernabéu (9:00 pm). A meeting that is the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League

The most important thing to pass the tie against Chelsea

“You have to think that it is a 180-minute game, so tomorrow’s game is not decisive. It can give us the advantage to handle the second leg better. We are excited. We want another magical night at the Bernabéu. “

Play outside and not like last season

“It’s a different mindset. You have to take advantage of it to manage the comeback. We did well at home and away. Last year we just didn’t do well in the game with PSG, but I think we did well and deserved to win the Champions League”

Success percentage of their predictions, such as Maldini’s

“Paolo and Istanbul is not a pretty memory, especially in 2005. I have all the love in the world for Maldini, he has been my captain and my partner and if we can see each other on my birthday (the day of the final) it will be very good.”


“I have seen him well, motivated, he has trained well, I know him very well and he has a special human quality. He is okay, he exercised normally. Tomorrow he will give everything, as always”

What Madrid will look like tomorrow

“We are focused on playing a complete match. If we can attack and defend the same way we did against Barça, all the better.”

Last year’s game against Chelsea at the Bernabéu

“We struggled. They have a top team, they’re not having a good time, but perhaps that’s why their motivation right now can lead them to do their best.”

Lampard’s inexperience

“I don’t think the experience I have, not luckily, that’s what happens, I’m 63 and he’s 44. But that will not change tomorrow. He’s a fantastic professional. He knows very well what can happen in such situations type of games and how to prepare the game for his players. He will do well as long as he stays at Chelsea”.

There was a lot of talk about luck in the last Champions League

“I think that I am sure that we have deserved it. We had more confidence. And not because of the management, because we have played better than others”.

Compliment, left behind

“Alaba is doing well as a center-back. Against Valladolid and Barça he did very well”.

Last year the Champions League saw the most defeats

“These were difficult moments against Chelsea and City. We didn’t give up games for defeat and we ended up winning the title.”

Sad to see how Chelsea is doing and going back

“I’m sad, of course, I had a great time there. I’m a Chelsea fan, of course. Go back? No, I hope Lampard does a great job with them.”

Improvement of Vinicius

“He is his inspiration, because he is unstoppable. Sometimes he is stopped but he keeps going, on, on… His continuity is great. He does it every day, he doesn’t even put it aside in training.”

The couple Benzema and Vinicius

“This is a group that I only see in Valdebebas, but I see them well in themselves. They understand when to joke and when to be serious. Sometimes they are happy together, but when you need to be serious you don’t have to tell them . For me, Managing this squad is very simple. I manage it very well. I’m fantastic in management but there are other things, this team has worked well. If they win the Copa del Rey, this group will have won everything of a possible title in two years. There are clubs that they haven’t done in their entire lives.”

Source: La Verdad


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