Joao, Memphis and a possible Atleti signing, among the 15 most devalued players


Joao, Memphis and a possible Atleti signing, among the 15 most devalued players

There are only a few weeks left until the transfer market opens its doors. Many players have one last chance to win a good contract next season. Starting July 3, 2023, all teams can begin strengthening their squads. Well, the transfermarkt portal, a football-level reference, has made a classification of the current most devalued players of the current campaign, and among the top 15 are two members of Atlético Madrid, and a possible signing.

joao felix appears in position number eleven. According to this website, the player will lose a price of 20 million euros and will retain a market value of 50 million euros. This value is far from the 127 that is Atletico Madrid.

I hope to leave Atletico Madrid to be able to shine away from the baton of Simeon. However, it ended in a Chelsea adrift just fired his coach, Graham Potter, and every day is further away from Europe. The technician who came to save him was Frank Lamparda legend as a player but as a mister he was dismissed in his time.

In London He has played 15 games, he has played only three integers, and he has scored two goals. It did little to help a team that was eliminated from the Champions League, is eleventh in the League, 14 points behind the Europa League and 17 points behind the Champions League, but is now just staring at the relegation zone at 12. In principle there should be no problems.

It seems difficult to return Athletic for now. And his main choice is to stay in London to play in Chelsea It seems to be starting to fade away. Although he did show up newcastle on the horizon. A team being built with a powerful sheik currently in the Champions League positions in the Premier. This summer there are many games.

The other soccer player Atletico Madrid that appear in this classification are Memphis DePay. It occupies the fifteenth position after its value fell by 19 million euros. Today its price is at 16 million, when the mattress club paid it in this winter market three million euros and one of the variables.

A player who, if nothing changes, will surely have his future at the club. Simeone sees him as a future Diego Costa and in the squad he fits in wonderfully. That is why, in principle, if a person comes out from above, that is Morata. In the Dutch it is trusted and in fact it is signed until June 2025.

His depreciation is due to the small contribution he had at Barcelona, ​​​​​​where he played only four games scoring one goal. Within Athletic He scored three goals in eight games. The problem is that it still has no continuity. When he arrived he had to recover from an injury and get up, while in recent weeks he has been unable to contribute to the team due to injury.

The future of Atlético

Another thing that seems certain about his future is Çaglar Soyuncu. In seventh place. He does not want to renew at Leicester and everything indicates that his next destination is the Atletico Madrid. In the English team he has not had a minute, he has played only five games this season, and apart from the games he missed due to injury in September and October, he has always been available to the coach. It hasn’t been a good option for any of the three managers Leicester have had.

For this reason it dropped by 25 million euros, and its cost on the market according to transfermarkt is 15 million euros. He is 26 years old, he is international for Turkeyand if there is nothing wrong, he will get free to Metropolitan this summer

other players

Lukaku, Salah, Mane…

The classification of most undervalued players is headed by a footballer who has played on several occasions for Athletic how about Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian is far from his best version. In Milan nor was he able to regain his best version as expected. He has seven goals and two assists in 24 games. Although three of the goals and all of his assists came in the Champions League. As a result, it reduced the value by €42.9, which remains at €40 million.

Behind is the Nigerian midfielder nope of Leicester which fell by 28 million euros and now has a value of 32. please who did not succeed at Juventus now has a price of 20 million, which has fallen by 28. In fourth place is manehe Bayern is looking for a place outside after his fight with i got better. It does not stop working in the field and its valuation has dropped by 25 million euros to 45. In fifth place is Ansu Fati that he did not finish having minutes, he lost 25 million euros and his cost will now be 35. tielemansthe Leicester player lost another 25 and will stand at 30 million euros.

We will see what happens in the market as transfermarkt does not determine the final market price of players, instead taking stock of minutes played, goals and age of the player among other parameters to put the figure that. Then, each club pays or demands for the footballer what it considers.

The complete list

1. Romelu Lukaku. Inter Milan. Low 30M. Cost 40M.

2. Wilfred Ndidi. Leicester. Low 28M. Cost 32 M.

3. Paul Pogba. Juventus. Low 28 M. Cost 20M.

4. Sadio Mane. Bayern Munich. Low 25 M. Cost 45M.

5. Ansu Fati. Barcelona. Low 25 M. Cost 35 M.

6. youri tielemans. Leicester. Low 25 M. Cost 30M.

7. Caglar Soyuncu. Leicester. Less than 25M. Cost of 15M.

8. Arnaut Danjuma. Tottenham. Low 23 M. Cost 27 M.

9. Mohamed Salah. Liverpool. Drop 20 M. Cost 70 M.

10. Jadon Sancho. Manchester United. Low 20 M. Cost 55M.

Eleven. João Felix. Chelsea. Drop 20 M. Cost 50 M.

12. Patrick Schick. Bayer Leverkusen. Drop by 20M. Cost of 30M.

13. Carlos Soler. PSG Drop 20 M. Cost 30 M.

14. N’Golo Kante. Chelsea. 20 M. Cost 20 M.

fifteen. Memphis DePay. Atletico Madrid. Low 19 M. Cost 16 M.

Source: La Verdad


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