“I told Cristiano Ronaldo I hated him”


Paulo Dybala fell at his feet Rome. Last summer, the Argentine midfielder decided to accept the offer from the ‘gillorosi’ and landed at the Olímpico with the desire to defend himself after a difficult year in Juventus. La Joya follows what is asked here, to be decisive, as shown in european league against him feyenoord.

Dybala is happy at Romabut he took advantage of his time on DAZN Heroes to look back and evaluate his time at Juventuswhere coincided Cristiano Ronaldo.

The international for the Albiceleste acknowledged that they weren’t all in Portuguese at the start, though both formed a great duo wearing the ‘bianconeri’.

“Three good years together Cristiano Ronaldo, the team was very strong and gave us more. In Argentina, the rivalry between Messi and Cristiano. Obviously as a kid I was always on Messi’s side,” Dybala admitted.

“Once we were playing, I was in the back of the plane and he (Cristiano) was sitting in the front. At one point in the flight he came to me to talk about football and many other things. We talked about in our life in general and at one point I told him ‘I almost hated you when I was younger‘. We laugh about it: there’s always been a good relationship between us,” said Dybala.

Source: La Verdad


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