How Andrea Dovizioso opened the thunderbox of MotoGP pressures


What chaos lies there MotoGP with tire pressures. Matters have been lingering since last season, but some are high-sounding Franco Morbidelli’s remarks after the Spanish GP in Jerez, where he accused Michelin of being the direct culprit of all the falls that occurred in Jerezwas brought forward an issue that has become a headache for all parties involved in the championship.

We are talking the minimum front tire pressurea problem that sleeps justly until the arrival of Andrea Dovizioso at Yamaha. Due to the problems of excessive pressure suffered by the Italian driver at one point, he encouraged his team to start the race with a lower pressure so that, when it increased, it would stabilize within normal parameters. But at Yamaha they told him that it was not possible to start with less pressure in the front because it would mean doing it outside the Michelin recommendation, to which Dovizioso replied that this is normal training at Ducati… And that’s where all the trouble started.

Yamaha complained, there was trouble, and DORNA had to intervene by announcing tire pressure control. To do this, he forced the teams to install pressure gauges inside the tires that recorded them throughout the race. What happened? Well, each team set up their own, where DORNA realized that the dimensions are not comparable… We are talking about 2022.

By 2023 the sensor is standardized and DORNA gives itself a margin of three GGPP to verify the operation of the system, and apply the minimum pressure regulations in the letter from the Spanish GP. It must be said that the monitoring of the pressures is in real time, meaning that Michelin knows at every moment of the race what pressures each motorcycle is running… But Jerez came and nothing.

I asked why the pressure monitoring did not start and they told me that I don’t know what problems with the I don’t know what algorithm forced to postpone the entry into the monitoring force… “Let’s see if it’s possible for Le Mans.”

In the MotoGP paddock, various teams explained to me that the supposed control was a melon that shouldn’t have been opened. There are those who assure that it will not endalthough after all the organized chaos, they’ll have to dress up this whole circus somehow.

Source: La Verdad


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