Laporta, with Ceferin and Rubiales in the Eindhoven box


Six weeks after meeting in Slovenia, Joan Laportapresident of FC Barcelonaand Alexander Ceferinpresident of UEFA, met again, this time in the final of the Women’s Champions League. After their meeting at Sloveniathe country of Ceferinwhere report traveled with the agent Pini Zahaviwho acted as a mediator for both to iron out the rough edges, both met again in the box of PSV Stadium of Eindhoven.

report was absent from the gala dinner organized by UEFA before this Friday night game, where they are Ceferin and the president of Spanish Federation, Luis Rubiales. and representing Barça are four of its directors: the vice president Edward Romeothe second president Elena Fort and the managers Xavier Puigresponsible for women’s football, and Xavier Barbani.

The other time they met in a women’s soccer match was also in the final play in Gothenburg two years ago, where Barça beat the Chelsea. So the meeting between the two was very cold because of the differences that existed between the two because the president of boat He is one of the promoters of super leaguebody contrary to the organization of contests organized by UEFA. This time, and after their meeting in Slovenia six weeks ago, there was more unity, in Luis Rubialespresident of the Spanish Federation, also as a witness.

Source: La Verdad


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