Emotional words from Alonso about his start in karts and his father


Last Sunday, at the official press conference of FIA for three members of the podium of Canadian F1 GPfor the reason that Father’s Dayasked a journalist Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso for the role each father played in their career, especially at the beginning of karting. The Asturian’s response is emotional and speaks for itself about work, effort and the pursuit of dreams that, no matter how impossible they are, can come true if there is a lot of talent and perseverance. Ferdinand He does not hide the fact that his father instilled in him certain values, thinking that his life would be very different from what he has now, that he would not become a professional F1 driver. It seemed impossible for that child to come from OviedoBorn into a hard-working and humble family, he would one day become an F1 driver. More than that, world champion. But he did.

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“It’s not Father’s Day in Spain, in Spain it’s March, I think. But anyway, congratulations to my father… Yes, my father is different, he has no driving talent,” he commented after Max Verstappen spoke about his father, a former F1 driver who instilled in him his passion as a child with rigorous training in go-karts thinking of making his son the champion he is today .

“And yes, he taught me and taught me in different ways and more for different things in life. When I was young, he had no vision that I would become a professional pilot. Yeah he was racing go-karts and stuff, but he just thought it was over. And, you know, my life would be the complete opposite of professional sports. So he was always… down to earth, let’s say, and taught me everything and other values ​​because it was hard to believe that I would make it to Formula 1 one day. Our story is beautiful.” announced Fernando Alonso.

José Luis Alonso, Fernando’s fatherHe is a great lover of karts and he built one with his own hands for Lorena, Fernando’s older sister, a vehicle that the pilot has now inherited. José Luís had to adjust the pedals so that little Fernando could reach and drive that rudimentary kart with Ayrton Senna’s McLaren-Honda colors. From here, his father was a key figure in his ascent to F1. He had to multiply to bring his son to Europe, without missing a race, at a time when victory was the only salvation for Fernando to drive another weekend. An example of a child fighting for a dream that seems impossible.

Source: La Verdad


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