Djokovic: “Alcaraz and I are hungry, we will have a feast”


the serbian Novak Djokovicrival of Carlos Alcaraz in the Wimbledon final, he assured that it was the “most anticipated” final since the tournament’s inception and the best it could get.

Djokovic qualified for the final after losing Jannik Sinner in three sets, while Alcaraz He also lost Daniel Medvedev.

“This is the most anticipated final since the beginning of the tournament, by most people, by Alcaraz, for me. After watching the whole tournament, I think this is the best final we can get. We are both in good shape and playing well,” he said. Djokovic at a press conference.

The Serbian, who will be playing in his ninth Wimbledon final and number 35 in the Grand Slam, did not hesitate to praise the Murcian.

“He’s very young, but he’s also very consistent, even on grass, which I think a lot of people don’t expect because his game is basically built for dirt and slow courts. But he’s shown that he can adapt it to fast surfaces. and I see it as a great virtue. I think it has been one of the great strengths of my career and he does it at a very early stage”, said Djokovic.

“He’s a great player, a great person off the court as well. He respects the history of the sport, he respects everyone. He doesn’t have a bad word for anyone,” added the Serbian, who also spoke about his ambition to win the title.

“There is no doubt that I want to win, I expect it and it will be a big challenge, one of the biggest I can have today: on a physical, mental and emotional level. He is one of the fastest tennis players on the circuit and he can do everything on the court. In Paris we had a good match until he had a physical problem, but I think we played at a very high level. Here the conditions are very different. Yes, I have more a lot of experience in Grand Slam finals and Wimbledon finals, but he’s in great form, very motivated and he’s very young and very hungry. I’m very hungry too, so let’s feast.”

Source: La Verdad


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