“Madrid are playing at home, it’s normal for Levante to make a corridor for them”


The controversy in the corridor that he did not Atletico Madrid sa real Madrid there are a few more chapters to be written. Although they are gradually. Enrique Cerezo In statements to Radio Marca, he assured that the club was right in not making the corridor and stressed a detail that was not noticed in the derby in Wanda Metropolitan.

To begin with, the rojiblanco president applauded the fact that this Thursday the white team will receive their corridor as League champions. “The Madrid he plays at home and the only normal thing is for him the hallway I lifted”.

So he decided to re -explain the decision they had made to the mattress entity. “I repeat again. We did not make the corridor in real Madrid due to a series of events outside the sporting sphere. The theme of the hallway is very hot, some with good intentions and others with bad ones. We don’t want to have any quarrel. One solution was chosen that was very good. We really did the logical thing, there were many athletes who didn’t like it but I think it’s what’s best for him “.

He further emphasized a detail that few noticed in the derby: “In fact, this is the first time I’ve seen a Atletico-Real Madrid in our stadium or on Calderon that he exits real Madrid he was no longer asked. Well, what better corridor than coexistence between fans of real Madrid Y Athletic”.

Finally, he did not want to go to the assessment if the team Ancelotti He played with less pressure. “I do not believe that real Madrid Want to beat. Coincidentally, we won just like other times they won ”.

Source: La Verdad


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