Alcaraz picks what will stay with each ‘Big3’ member


Carlos Alcaraz would like to have “The mentality of Rafa (Nadal), the class that Federer has in his game and in his moves and almost all of Djokovic’s shotsthey are incredible”.

In an interview published this Friday by L’Équipe in conjunction with his presence in Nice to participate in the Hopman Cup, Carlos Alcaraz explains what he admires the most among the three tennis players who have marked this sport in recent years and explains some keys to his success. at Wimbledon last weekend, when he knocked out Novak Djokovic in the final.

Due to the defeat he suffered in the semifinals at Roland Garros against the Serb, he pointed out that the main change was “at the mental level, knowing that it is not abnormal for me to play these types of matches, which is necessary I approach them more casually, as if it were a task.”

In practice, this meant that in the hours before the game he picked up his phone less, tried to remove himself from the “noise around the game”, listened to more relaxing music – “acoustic music with a slow rhythm” – visualized what it was like to meet and do mental exercises that I couldn’t do before.

The 20-year-old Spanish tennis player explained that before the start of the Queen’s tournament, the idea of ​​winning Wimbledon was “unthinkable” for him.

“It’s true that you always tell yourself that you can do it, but let’s just say that he only gave me a 10% chance. But when I won at Queen’s like me, feeling very comfortable on that ground, I told myself that I can win at Wimbledon.”

Asked if he knew that perceptions of him now in Nice would change after his victory over Djokovic in London, he maintained that it might seem “different for people, but I’m the same boy and the same player I’ve always been.”

As for his aspirations for this year, after reaching his goal of winning a Grand Slam tournament, he is now setting another one: “win a second.”

And for next year, to the question of whether Nadal will lose at Roland Garros, his answer was “it might be a good goal. But it will be the same every year: win the Grand Slam every year.”

In addition, in 2024 the Olympic Games will be held in Paris and there “The goal is to get a medal.”

Source: La Verdad


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