In daily use – storm: no lighting for the fire brigade


In daily use – storm: no lighting for the fire brigade

The storm keeps the fire brigades of Carinthia on their toes. A woman was electrocuted by lightning and a driver went off the road due to heavy rain.

They have been in action for days, on alert and it is still not possible to release everything. Also on Thursday, countless firefighters battled water masses, flooding, flooded basements and fallen trees, especially in St. Veit, Villach, Wolfsberg, Feldkirchen, Klagenfurt-Land and Völkermarkt.

The LAWZ counted about 120 operations on Thursday evening. Völkermarkt fire chief Hanschitz Benjamin is grateful and proud at the same time: “It’s time to say thank you! Thanks to all my comrades for cohesion!”

The members are not only dealing with storm damage. “Currently, almost the entire range of applications is covered. Smoke detectors in the house with a burning smell, securing vehicles, opening doors, traffic accidents, water pipes, pollutant emissions and fire fighting were the order of the day.” That was also the case in Köttmannsdorf. There the emergency services had to turn out in the event of a traffic accident. According to the fire service, a car went off the road due to the heavy rain and came to a stop on the site of a residential building. The driver was able to get out of the car unharmed.

However, the emergency services cannot breathe a sigh of relief. Meteorologists also report heavy rain, thunderstorms and hail for Friday and Saturday. Households are still without power, the technicians are on duty.

Source: Krone


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