“You’re giving Atletico a lot to play like this”


“You’re giving Atletico a lot to play like this”

Paco Lopez, coach of pomegranateexplained this Monday, after the defeat against the Atletico Madrid 3-1, who saw his “very good” team, but wanted it to be “better” in the coming days, at the same time he chose to strengthen the squad within the “financial limitations” of his club, which was not could reach players who sign with Mallorca, Osasuna or Rayo Vallecano, according to him.

We want to see a better Granada. We saw a very beautiful Granada. The team has shown its face in every way, but the idea is to improve in all aspects and try to build the team within our economic limits. We can’t reach the players who signed with Mallorca, Osasuna or even Rayo Vallecano”, he pointed out.

“But we will try to make the most competitive team possible. And if we don’t achieve that, we have to replace it with other things, with enthusiasm, with courage, with courage, with effort, to be a team.. . We must fight to the end, with the weapons we have. The idea is that between now and the end of the market try to make a team as competitive as possible,” he declared.

“We know that Atlético has been playing for a long time with three central defenders, with three midfielders, with two lines, with one midfielder, griezmann, who plays with freedom and is a striker. This is a team that submits to you a lot of plays like this, because they have very precise technical executions, they play from memory, and the idea is to try to match them in terms of that defense of three, pair the lane in the lane and try to get their midfielder to receive some balls” , said.

“And then with the ball we tried to have personality. I think that, in general, we have achieved it. In the first half, we had few chances, but defensively, we were able to provide a good level. We went to halftime with that 1 -0, with that bad luck in the goal. Whether it’s offside or not, I don’t know. It’s a bit sad that the rejection Vallejo” the technician continued.

“At the time of the tie we were better, but the quality of the players could appear, as it appeared. Memphis with great intent”, added Paco López.

And he spoke about the growth of Samurookie and goalscorer in the First Division this Monday: “If he’s here it’s because the kid’s got it. He’s got the conditions, the qualities, but he’s also in the process of significant improvement. What we have to do is help him get better. “

He was also asked about the current play in effective time. “It looks good to me. I don’t know if the matches will last three hours. We have to check it. But I support the desire to play football, that he stops as much as possible. It’s a show and you have to give it. I know that everyone wants to win and everyone deserves to win, but there are still some of us who want to play football,” he answered.

Source: La Verdad


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