Antony published his messages to the woman who accused him of assault


Anthony advanced who will try to defend his innocence after the accusations made against him by several women. And he started doing it. The forward of Manchester United He decided to post on his Instagram account – according to him against his will – the WhatsApp messages he had before a date with one of them, Ingrid Lana.

That – as he explained – will try to shed light. The Brazilian confirms that the conversations show that the woman is lying and that is why he considers it necessary to share the photos. “I’d rather not do it,” began the 23-year-old left-hander on Instagram. “But I am forced to publish a small part of the conversations with Ingrid. It shows that we had only one date, which was intimate and consensual. The issue with this cheater will be resolved in court.”

Antony posted four pictures of WhatsApp conversations. The photos don’t show who the conversations are with, but Antony says he’s talking to Lana. The messages included that the person the former Ajax player was said to be talking to was “waiting for him in bed”. Furthermore, he calls Antonio “dear.”

Lana previously said that the footballer invited her to his house and pushed her against a wall causing her to hit her head. “He tried to have a relationship with me and I didn’t like it,” Lana said in the interview. “When I came to his house at his invitation, I realized he had ulterior motives.”

Source: La Verdad


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