Unacceptably, Belgian Van Gils slapped a rival in the Japan Criterium


Unacceptably, Belgian Van Gils slapped a rival in the Japan Criterium

In the dispute of a closed sprint, when running at full speed, when victory is fought to the point of exhaustion of many cyclists, almost everyone is seen, putting out the elbows excessively, pushing a rival with more or less a little ‘aggressive’ . .., but we rarely see a cyclist give another big slap in the face, which is what happened in Japan Cup Criterium.

While the Belgian Edward Teuns lHe achieved great success, behind him he could see his countrymen Maxim Van Gils give the Greek a big slap from behind Georgios Bouglaswho later reprimanded him as well, as if to say that his moves were inappropriate in the sprint dispute.

An ugly action that did not go unnoticed by the commissioners of International Cycling Union (UCI) which later punished the runner.

After what happened, both Van Gillike your team, Lotto-Dstny, apologized for the Belgian’s behavior, although he did not apologize to the attacked colleague. “We sincerely regret what happened, I want to apologize for his behavior. I am very sorry. They gave me a fine (50 CHF) and I will lose some points in the UCI. The behavior was a reaction to the dangerous behavior of another. cyclist, but I know what I did was wrong. I reacted in the heat of the moment, but I was wrong. This is also an important lesson for the future: stay calm in situations like this and react appropriately afterwards of the race,” read on the social networks of the belgian formation

Source: La Verdad


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