Aldeguer tops the first day of Spanish dominance in Australia


Aldeguer tops the first day of Spanish dominance in Australia

Fermin Aldeguer (Boscoscuro) ordered to day one of the Australian Moto2 Grand Prix which takes place on the Phillip Island circuit and which saw the dominance of the Spanish, with Aron Canet (Kalex) and the world leader, also Spanish Pedro Acosta (Kalex), after him.

Aldeguer, the fastest in the first round, was also the fastest in the second, where he was 138 thousandths of a second ahead of Arón Canet, while Pedro Acosta maintained the third position, but could not improve his time in the morning. Acosta and Canet both crashed in the same corner of the Australian track, in turn four.

Shortly after starting the second session and knowing the need to improve, Thai Somkiat Chantra (Kalex), who had an accident in the morning and finished twenty-fifth, did not take a few minutes to correct the situation to climb to fourth place, behind the trio of Spaniards formed by Fermín Aldeguer, Pedro Acosta and Arón Canet.

Of course, in the end he lost two positions, seventh, in favor of Americans Joe Roberts (Kalex) and Manuel González (Kalex). Chantra, who in the morning could not exceed 1:35.171, started the afternoon ride, for the first time, at 1:33.450, more than a second and a half faster.

As the pilots began to increase their speed and speed, they had to show off red flag by Race Direction when a pair of birds native to this area of ​​Australia “invaded the track”. Both circuit controls are responsible for “dissuading” the palmipedes from leaving the track and thus restarting the session.

Among those at the top of the classification, the first to lower his personal best was the leader, Fermin Aldeguerwhich gained 16 thousandths of a second from its personal best to go from 1:32.794 to 1:32.778 and thus continues as a solid benchmark in the category.

In his wake, more than two tenths of a second away, was Acostawho gave the impression of being more concerned with achieving a good race pace than a fast lap, causing him to overtake him Aron Canet less than six minutes before the end of the second free round.

Only seven riders failed to lower their time in the morning, including Pedro Acosta, who also crashed in turn four without starting his bike, which certainly prevented him from improving his position that round , although no other driver was able to. improve his record and managed to maintain third place after Aldeguer and Canet, who also crashed at the end of the session, at the same point as the Murcian driver.

In addition to Acosta, among the reference pilots the Dutchman could not improve his time in the morning Bo Bendsnyder (Kalex), fourteenth, or the Czech Filip Salac (Kalex), twenty-fourth.

With Aldeguer, Canet and Acosta in the first three positions, the British are also in the second provisional classification. Jake Dixon and Sam Lowesthe American Joe RobertsThai Somkiat Chantrathe Italian Tony Arbolino and Bo Bendsneyder.

Spanish representation is wider, with Manuel González, Sergio García Dols, Alonso López, Izan Guevara and Marcos Ramírezall of them on Kalex tracks, except for López, who is Aldeguer’s colleague in the Speed ​​​​Up team with Boscoscuro mechanics.

Some important names fall outside that classification, such as South African Darryn Binder (Kalex), the Japanese Ai Ogura (Kalex), the Italians Dennis Foggia (Kalex) and Celestino Vietti (Kalex) or the Spanish Jeremy Alcoba (Kalex) and Albert Arenas (Kalex).

Source: La Verdad


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