De la Fuente’s sarcasm to Sergio Ramos: “Yes, yes, I will call him now”


This is one of the most painful issues in recent months, but the Sergio Ramos’ desire to return to the national team national at the moment is falling on deaf ears. This Wednesday the coach, Luis de la Fuente, passing through Seville and he responded with sarcasm and irony to reporters who tried to wink at the former Real Madrid player when approaching him at the entrance to a public event.

Riojan attends a meeting that combines football and bullfighting to bullfighter Emilio de Justo at the headquarters of the Cajasol Foundation and at the insistence of journalists, he used irony. SA De la Fuente was asked if he had traveled to Seville to iron out the rough edges Sergio Ramos and his response was humorous.

“I came to enjoy my city, Seville … To make things right with Sergio? Yes, yes… now I will call him”, coach answered.

The Sevilla defender applied again for the next call-up after his team’s match against Arsenal. “It’s true that everyone knows how eager I am to return to the national team and that’s not up to me. What’s up to me is to give my best version, but it’s something that’s there. Others have to decide. I’m moving on with that hope and with the hope of continuing to give everything to my team, which is the best way to show oneself. Little by little I’m feeling better, accumulating minutes and feeling is in my best condition.”

Source: La Verdad


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