Two milestones in Athletic’s life, but less


The Athletic board needs to reconsider the issue of committee member meetings. If at its premiere in Euskalduna it deserves an outstanding rating for the agility, clarity and development of the meeting; Last Tuesday, they threw the good general impression overboard. Regarding the presentation of accounts, not a single but. As for the duration of the meeting, all of them and some more. Closing the curtain at 3:30 in the morning remains for the annals of this century-old institution.

Two more reflections on this matter, although neither of them directly concern the current Athletic officials. belt What many celebrated during Elizegi’s time as two great milestones in the club’s history, the new laws and the entertainment stand, seem to have passed with a grain of salt a few months ago.

In this last meeting, 810 members were registered out of a possible 1,150, but the real truth was that at one point of the long agenda, half of the delegates were passed the voting time: the early part of the evening. In the end, there were only 188.

And on the issue of entertainment in San Mamés, there are more problems and fines at the moment than points for Athletic. Haste is not a good counselor.

Source: La Verdad


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