A euphoric Montilivi, Athletic


On Monday, despite the schedule set by television, more than 13,500 spectators will pack a Montilivi jubilant about the leadership of its team. Girona are four points in front of Barcelona and two points in front of Real Madrid, and are playing almost better than Guardiola’s Manchester, his parent club. They have nothing to lose, and they know it. No pressure, at least so far.

The Catalans are hungry for glory, motivated. The system has been established, but now it begins to play against the fear of losing. And that’s where Athletic appeared. Fifth, 10 points adrift, with three Spanish internationals in their ranks and capable of turning games around as easily as those coached by Míchel.

Valverde’s team, who have scored nine goals in the last three league games, promises war at the Primera leader’s stadium. Their numbers are similar to those of the Catalans, with 25 goals scored and only one conceded.

Why not? Perhaps the time has finally come for the famous slam on the table. I’m excited through the roof waiting for Monday to come to see what Athletic’s response is to Montilivi. For them.

Source: La Verdad


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