The Electoral Commission will ratify the president this Wednesday


This Wednesday will see another step into the future of the women’s professional league. Because it was today when Beatriz Álvarez was ratified as the sole candidate and nine presidents of women’s soccer.

Last Friday ended the deadline for the presentation of candidates and where only the Asturian presented 10 endorsements from 16 First Division clubs. None of the other three pre-candidacies met the four required endorsements because two of the clubs closest to the candidacy abstained, in addition to Barcelona Soccer Club. Something we already have at Mundo Deportivo.

This Wednesday is the day set, according to the regulations, for the resources to be presented in the candidacy they will compile. Beatriz Alvarez and Ruben Alcaine, President of the Association and participating in the candidacy as Vice President.

According to sources consulted by this newspaper, there is no indication that they will see persecution in any of the other three options that initially wanted to run for the League presidency: María Teixidor and Reyes Bellver, Ainhoa ​​Tirapu and María Tato.

At dawn, the three members of the electoral commission met electronically. And there where, other than surprise, he will confirm the candidacy and the figure of Beatrice Alvarez as the first president of Spanish women’s professional football.

Once this step has been taken, the following will be the constitution of the Delegate Commission which will signify the effective start of the league. The next step, and close, is to determine the headquarters where the new structure will work. Here you will play a very important role the csd that in these early years will make huge investments in the economy to start this new competition.

Source: La Verdad


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