Bernd Leno took it with a ball boy


Bernd Leno took it with a ball boy

Fulham goalkeeper Bernd Leno made a nasty gesture today with a young ball boy during their 3-0 Premier League loss against Bournemouth, but soon after realizing his mistake, he apologized .

Fulham were 2-0 down as the game entered the final quarter of an hour. The ball goes beyond the baseline and Leno rushes to get him back into the game. But the young ball boy, instead of throwing it to him, grabbed it with his arm outstretched and the goalkeeper had to reach him to receive it, at which point he pushed the boy away.

Leno, what? he has received a yellow card, realized his mistake and, seven minutes later, apologized to the ball boy, giving him a hug, a gesture that drew applause from the Fulham fans after they first whistled at him. The German goalkeeper spoke to the fans behind his goal and, putting his hand on his chest, also apologized to them.

Marco Silva tried to defend him

“I don’t know if it’s instruction or not, but the ball boys are always late,” he said. Fulham manager Marco Silva, after the game. “Bernd wanted to play fast and took the ball from the ball boy. He didn’t push it, he wasn’t strong and he apologized.”

Source: La Verdad


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