Iturralde, Kubo is right


Iturralde, Kubo is right

Football is enjoyed when it creates emotions, when it gets the staff up from their seats with a great goal, a pipe, a great collective game. Otherwise, when the team that each person carries in their heart is not in the running, this sport, perhaps the best in the world, can become a real pain. That’s why it was great to see the Girona-Atlético match the other day and it’s great to see every match where Take Kubo He wore the Real shirt with the advertising of a company from his country. He is a footballer who invents, who dribbles, who asks for the ball when the game is more stuck, who breaks and who, as he himself said, “does little things”. The Japanese are amused by the ball at his feet and the microphone in front of him because of his statements, like in the game, he also goes out of his way and has starchy phrases like “we know it’s it will be a tough game. .” In Cádiz they almost hit him in the ribs with a blow, they rolled to the ground and against Alavés he ended up on his feet covered in blood from the kicks and stomps he received. take He is fed up, as is logical, and seeks protection from those who can protect him – and by extension a football that is losing its ‘punch’ and spectacularity – and does not: the refereeing team. Normal. But the classic retired referee had to step aside to conduct a misunderstood exercise in corporatism. The Biscayan Iturralde González The request disgusted him and reminded him that Real was the team with the most fouls. First, it is not true and then, they are different things. This was said by a former referee who declared himself to be a fan of one team. Is it while it blows? Country.

Source: La Verdad


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