“My biggest enemy is managing myself”


“My biggest enemy is managing myself”

The new team of the Márquez brothers, Team Gresini, has chosen the Cocorico nightclub, the coolest meeting place on the Romangola Riviera, to present their exciting project in 2024. A season in which they will once again be in three categories, although logical The attention and the fame was taken by the launch of his team in MotoGP.

Those responsible for the Italian team prepared a show for the event with music, dancers and a light show for a packed audience. A presentation, as Marc admitted, that was very different from what he was used to. The gentleness and seriousness of Repsol’s calls during the 11 years he has been active in the Honda range is the opposite of what he experienced at the Cocoricó nightclub in Riccione.

After the presentation in Madrid organized by Estrella Galicia a few days ago, Marc and Alex said little. Repeating “The challenge is to have fun again”, “My biggest adversary will be managing myself” or “I feel like a child with new shoes”, he explained that he passed by the Ducati factory two days ago , whose reference was not They could but be the two fastest riders on the bike they will ride, Pecco Bagnaia and Jorge Martín. Both have been racing for years and have won races and championships. “They are very fast and they will have a 2024 bike. You can’t expect to come and immediately be at the same level as them.”

2024 goals

“The purpose of this change, of this challenge, is to have fun again, after 3-4 very difficult years, so I looked for something else. The Gresini team was the only one that waited for me, gave me my time, and when I’m ready, I choose. It’s a dangerous challenge for me and a great one for Team Gresini, which has so much history.”

The rivals

“I am the hardest, I have to manage myself, the expectations are high, I have to work with my team, in our box, I came to Ducati and I have to target Bagnaia and Martín as someone who will target me if I came. to Honda”

Mental and physical condition

“Mentally 10, physically you always want more, but compared to the last four years always better”

Expectations and reality

“Expectations are one thing and strategy is another. My strategy is to try to be fast on the track. People’s expectations are very high. But my job is to try to ignore them, work in my box , stay calm, above all at the beginning. Being calm doesn’t mean not being fast. I can’t expect to fight for victory immediately. The last four years have been a nightmare for me, I haven’t won a race in two years.”

The relationship inside the box

“It is impossible to create the same environment that I have at Honda, because I have built it for more than ten years. But we have to create a professional environment with good people that I have been comfortable from the first day. In the end, that’s not the goal, you can’t compare the two things. Over time, through trials, through races, we’ll have a better relationship.”

Ride a Ducati

“It’s a different way of approaching the lap times, mainly. The way of taking the corners is completely different, I have to understand a lot of things. The Honda also has very strong points in some parts of the corners , but I can Don’t use that style to ride the Ducati. The corner exit, in particular, is very fluid, but I still need to learn how to use the extra power and grip that the Ducati has. In Valencia we did well, but I still don’t know if this will be my riding style with Ducati, this is the first test, I ride in a configuration I don’t know and I just have to adapt.”

The expectations of Nadia Padovani, owner of Team Gresini

“When they hire a driver it’s because they believe he’s going fast. They took a risk, they waited for my decision until October. I also want it to be fine, but you have to do it gradually.”

Honda and its new motorcycle.

“They changed the project manager, so Honda will come. The question is we don’t know when, in a month, a year or two? It’s dangerous for my racing career. Not for Honda, but for me. I thought right, I was convinced of my decision.

The visit to the Ducati factory.

“This is a courtesy visit. My bike is the 2023, the same finished by Pecco and Jorge Martín. From there you start. And then, if necessary, you adapt to everything that comes in the year. My job is to achieve the maximum . I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve always felt that Ducati loved me, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken this step, because I’m with the Gresini team but I ride Ducati, always treated by Dall’ I know I’m very good”

Source: La Verdad


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