Verstappen broke the floor of his Red Bull in Miami


Verstappen broke the floor of his Red Bull in Miami

Lando Norris He won F1 Miami GP. He did it thanks to a rescue vehicle that fell from the sky, at the right moment, to take the lead. But at the same time, also because the Englishman eventually showed more rhythm than a Max Verstappen that he cannot hunt Landau.

To find out what happened to Miami is completely true and representative for the rest of the season and able to be considered McLaren As a candidate for more achievements, we have to wait for the next race, in Imola. And in Miami, the zero degradation of tires has become one of the main strengths of red bull It will not make any difference compared to its competitors. Without degradation McLaren and Ferrari were close to Max, with the Dutchman unable to distance himself at the start of the race. And after that, Max can’t do anything to be pressured Norris.

Therefore, Max Verstappen made it clear that he was not comfortable in the car all weekend.

“I didn’t feel comfortable all weekend. I think it’s fine on medium tires, but on hard tires it’s a disaster.. That is to say: little grip, a very complicated balance at low speed… I can’t lean back while at high speed it is greatly reduced.. So when you have two problemsyou cannot balance because you are chasing two different things. So yes, I just drove with the grip I had and not much,” Max argued in remarks reported by ‘’.

At that moment, just after the race, Max did not believe that his lack of rhythm had anything to do with the blow he gave his car when he left the track on lap 22, when he hit a bollard in front of him. “There’s nothing unusual, so I don’t know. Maybe it’s broken. I don’t know. I mean I hit that thing and my pace was the same, so I don’t really know if there was any damage.”

Horner pointed out the damage to the floor of the car

however, Christian Hornerteam leader, corrected his driver and clarified that that blow damaged the floor of his Red Bull and damaged him in the race.

“I don’t think we had a good balance all weekend. Obviously, He hit the bollard around lap 20 and that caused some damage to the bottom of the car., so we need to see exactly what the effect was. This is a reasonable amount of space around the left rear floor. “There’s a reasonable amount of land missing and you can see it flexing too much, so it’s definitely not something that helped.”Christian said.

“When we returned the car to the garage, we also noticed that the floor was damaged and it had a hole where it could have been lifted from hitting the cone,” Max later revealed in the team statement.

Was Verstappen’s poor pace this weekend due to hitting the bollard or because his Red Bull was not superior in Miami? The next races will answer that question.

Source: La Verdad


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