Paqueta faces a penalty that could end his career!


The race of Lucas Paqueta are at serious risk of being fatally affected. This is according to the Daily Mail, which states that a historic punishment could fall on the Brazilian midfielder after the English Federation (FA) announced that it has initiated an investigation into the midfielder of West Ham.

It seems that the most serious thing that happened to the Brazilian did not go to City of Manchester having already been linked with bets last summer, but the worst may be yet to come. The FA itself confirmed that afternoon Paqueta is accused of being deliberately reprimanded up to four times to influence betting markets.

Specifically, these situations occurred between 2022 and 2023 in matches Leicester, Aston Villa, Leeds and Bournemouthwith the intention of benefiting himself and his friends by betting that he would see a yellow card.

So far, the Brazilian international has responded by denying these accusations and is counting on West Ham’s support, but the Daily Mail explained that he could face an exemplary penalty of 10 years without playing football, which would directly damage his career. of midfielders. . 26 years old.

There is already precedent for a sanction of this style. It happened in Kynan Isaacformer defender of Readingwho spent a decade out of football due to a caution in an FA Cup match against Stratford Town which led to him hanging up his boots three years ago.

Source: La Verdad


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