Witnessed first aid worker – cyclist crashes into guardrail and falls 8 meters


Terrible accident on Wednesday evening in the Tyrolean Ötztal: a 29-year-old mountain biker crashed into a guardrail in Umhausen and then fell about eight meters over the adjacent dike. A cyclist riding behind him climbed up to the injured person and provided first aid.

The serious accident happened around 7:45 p.m. According to eyewitnesses, the 29-year-old resident was driving downhill at high speed on the L238 Niederthaier Straße.

The mountain biker then lost control in a bend. “He hit the guardrail and fell about eight meters over the slope,” police said. The man suffered injuries.

Witness made an emergency call
A cyclist riding close behind him noticed the accident and immediately called the emergency services. “The witness then climbed to the victim and administered first aid,” investigators continued.

The injured man was eventually rescued by the fire brigade and, after first aid by the rescuers, flown to the clinic in Innsbruck with the emergency medical helicopter “Martin 2”.

Source: Krone


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