Festival at the Brandenburg goal


Festival at the Brandenburg goal

Football, parties, good music and tents with food and beer. It doesn’t sound bad at all. All this, in Brandenburg Gateemblematic and historical monuments of Berlin that they adapted for European Cup. And just in front of it, a few weeks ago they put up a giant goal 63 meters wide, 21 meters high and weighing 40 tons with an amazing and very wide screen fitted inside which can fans from the German capital follow European matches. And 24,000 square meters of synthetic grass was placed on the ground, which runs along the wide 17 de Junio​​​​​​Avenue.

The atmosphere at the opening match was fantastic, with hundreds of thousands of people gathered to witness and celebrate the victory of Germany against Scotland (5-1).

The party continued yesterday. Especially during the Spain-Croatia. Many Croatian fans traveled to Berlin without tickets and stood at the Brandenburg Gate to follow the match with locals and La Roja fans. Before, Balkan fans beat the Spaniards all day long. Berlin is colored red and white checkered. Even in the ‘fan zone’ for Spanish fans, who took it with humor

Source: La Verdad


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