Endrick: “No need to burn episodes”


Endrick: “No need to burn episodes”

Endrick, who this summer will join the Real Madrid, stated this Friday at The Angels that he does not have to “burn stages” and patiently waits for the moment of being a starter in the Brazilian team in Copa America 2024.

The 17-year-old footballer, who scored three goals in five games with the ‘canarinha’, all of them coming from the bench, said that he wanted to play, regardless of his position, but clarified that decision is up to the coach. Dorival Junior.

“No one needs to burn stages. I stay on the sidelines, working in training, contributing, playing with my teammates. I am waiting for the timing of God and Professor Dorival”, said Endrick at a press conference in Los Angeles, three days before the debut of Brazil in United States Copa America.

Endrick commented that Dorival Júnior does not think about the good of one player or another, but rather the good of the team, stressing that “no one is the main actor” of ‘canarinha’ and “nobody tops Brazil”.

Brazil will debut in lin the Copa America the next Monday before Costa Rica, in Los Angeles, and then he will face Paraguay and Colombiain Group D.

Source: La Verdad


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