Sweet hangover from a promotion celebrated in style


Sweet hangover from a promotion celebrated in style

Spanishism woke up this Monday, a holiday in Catalonia for celebration of Sant Joan, under the sweet and celebrated hangover after the promotion of the parakeet team to the First Division. As the revolutions and emotions subsided after the crucial victory in the final against Oviedo, the fans were satisfied with today’s victory, delighted with the confirmation that Espanyol will return to play in the First Division next season. Return to the elite after long years of falling into hell when relegation was certified at the Mestalla on May 28, 2023.

The Catalan club has announced that there will be no celebrations after the promotion and the players are starting their holiday after the match against Oviedo. Logical because in just three weeks, Starting Monday, July 15, the members of the blue and white first team will be called to carry out medical tests and, in parallel, start the 2024-25 preseason, the return to the highest category of football.

The machinery will be reactivated within three weeks, mainly because Soon, the Spaniard will debut in the League. And, surprisingly, they will do it against another team that has recently risen to the eliteValladolid. The calendar showed that the parakeet team will debut in Pucela on the weekend of August 17-18.

Celebrations were concentrated on the same ‘green’ of Cornellà-El Prat at the end of the final. In front of the few fans who remained in the stadium, Manolo González’s players came out again onto the field, wearing a T-shirt that said ‘We fought, let’s go back’, a clear and direct message that perfectly sums up the feeling of Spanishism in a very difficult and turbulent period, which ended with victory.

The players sent all kinds of messages, full of euphoria. From the ambitious of Braithwaite “Well, this club has to fight every year to go to Europe. This is not the case, but we have to set very high goals,” even the self-criticism of the night’s hero Javi Puado. “It’s painful, but it’s worth it.” Going through Pere Milla ‘winked’ at Barcelona. “Next year we will play 20 games at home: 19 here and another in Montjuïc.” Espanyol is back.

Source: La Verdad


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